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Our law firm not only provides legal advice in traditional branches of law, but has also long focused on the following specific legal areas:

Should you have any specific questions about the provision of our legal services, please contact us here, and we will respond to you immediately.

We always provide our legal services and advice on a professional and expert level, our goal being primarily close contact with the client to ensure that the client always understands the recommended legal procedure.

About us

Mesthene & Semík Law Firm was founded by the cooperating attorney, JUDr. Hana Mesthene, in 2003, aiming at utilizing the long-term experience gained by the key attorneys of the firm’s team during their work in renowned law and consulting firms. The basic principle of our law firm’s activity is to provide our clients with a complete portfolio of legal services on a professional level, in accordance with the Czech law and the professional regulations of the Czech Bar Association.